Transport logistics business is a complex world in itself. Apart from loading vehicles on trucks, there are various day to day activities like managing drivers’ assignment, analyzing and making reports of vehicle conditions, tracking routes, error-free delivery which are stressful to handle manually.

TransAviatorTM comes with a single integrated solution that simplifies the whole complications of transport logistics and eases to manage entire operations in a smoother way.

By increasing rate of deliveries, decreasing customer complaints and reducing logistics costs, TransAviatorTM is here to shape the transport logistics’ future. We are providing the best possible solution that saves time, energy, material and improves quality, accuracy, and precision.


Our Features


Simple, well-organized and Easy to use. Any layman can learn or understand how to use without any difficulties.

Real-time visibility

Our application comes with geolocation functionality through which you can track the real-time location of your vehicle.

Capture condition report

No need to make reports of vehicle condition on paper. Any dents, scratches are easily identified and captured.

Electronic proof of delivery

It enables to capture driver’s signature at pick up point and customer signature at the delivery point.

Live planners for drivers

There is no need to guide or to tell drivers what and where to deliver. Task is assigned according to driver’s name.

Driver App

Drivers can view their upcoming runs with no need to make calls to back office staff or customers.

Why transport logistic business need this solution?

Centralized solution to all unorganized tasks
Real-time shipment visibility
No time wastage in manual assigning of orders
Seamless, on-time, error free and speedy delivery
Chaos Management

Organize multiple things like orders, assignment, shipment, delivery, vehicles report, drivers’ expenses under one tool.

Cost Management

Budget friendly. There is no any Setup cost required. Able to reduce fleet operating and management cost.

Fleet Management

With TransAviatorTM you can track the location of your vehicles as well as fuel logs, driver expenses, equipment, planned maintenance and much more.

Document Management

All relevant document like vehicle condition report, customer’s and driver’s signature at pickup and delivery point, driver’s expense sheet, billing and invoices can be uploaded and stored securely.

Mobile App

business processes has become easier now with TransAviatorTM mobile app.

All the core aspects of transport logistics are now integrated to mobile technology to give you next-gen logistic solution.

Available on both popular platform Android and iOS, With easy to use feature and full mobile support, your logistics operations are guaranteed to be smooth.

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